Hope United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Our 2013-2014
All Saints' Day Saints

Margaret Appler
Tod Bay
Laura Booker
Marion Brendler
Una Brower
 Amy Davis
 Alex Duthie
 Ivan Fasnacht
 Pat Gantz
 Virginia Garland
 Joshua Johnson
Daniel Kreider
Elouise Kuhns
Jean Lindberg
Minnie Lindberg
 Benito Luciano-Cruz
Janie Olver
David Peuler
Lorraine Sescilla
 Charles Stull
 Betty Summers
 Rev. David Unangst
David Van Zant
Rick Willier

Obituaries * Saints

2014 All Saints' Day ~ Observed Sunday, November 2nd
All Saints' Day is the first day of November and is observed the first Sunday of November.

This is a day to remember the the saints, as meant by the biblical concept of all Christian people of every time and place. (Ephesians 2:17-22)

We celebrate the communion of saints as we remember those who have returned home to our Heavenly Father since the previous All Saints' Day ... our Christian brothers and sisters throughout the world and more specifically, the friends and family of our congregation.
Click on a photo or underlined name for their obituary or memory page. Church members are in purple.
Our Saints of 2014
David Peuler ~ Brother-in-Law of Peg Schannauer ~ April 25
Minnie Lindberg ~ Mother of Ron Lindberg ~ April 15
Lorraine Sescilla ~ Daughter of Joyce Fasnacht ~ April 12
Tod Bay ~ Friend of Hope Church Case-New Holland Co-Workers ~ April 6
Rick Willier ~ Father of Jonathan Willier ~ March 30
Marion Brendler ~ March 27Marion Brendler
Elouise Kuhns ~ Friend of Steve Smith ~ March 20
David Van Zant ~ Son of Janice Van Zant ~ March 9
Betty Summers ~ Mother of Bruce Tucker ~ March 9
Pat Gantz ~ Sister of Sissy Vierling ~ February 22
Janie Olver ~ Mother of Bishop Peggy Johnson ~ February 16
Benito Luciano-Cruz ~ Uncle of Tony Luciano ~ February 9
Joshua Johnson ~ Friend of Abby Smith ~ February 6
Amy Davis ~ Cousin of Kathy Pronesti ~ February 5
Rev. David Unangst ~ Pastor of Rothsville Salem UMC in Rothsville ~ February 3
Jean Lindberg ~ January 30
Margaret Appler ~ Sister of Mary Peachey ~ January 30
Ivan Fasnacht ~ (Joyce Fasnacht) ~ January 25
Daniel Kreider ~ Father of Lynn Miller ~ January 18
Una Brower ~ January 18
Our Saints of 2013
Alex Duthie ~ Husband of Sue McMillan-Gamber's Cousin ~ December 14
Laura Booker ~ Mother-in-law of Tom Wenzel's cousin ~ December
Virginia Garland ~ November 15
Charles Stull ~ Brother-in-law of Betty Stull ~ November