Hope United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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When you first sign up:

1. use "Hope" or "Ephrata" to search for our church.
2. wait for an email from UMCmarket and then click on the correct link to confirm your new account.

• Remember to read the instructions before shopping online the first time. 

• Click on the store you wish to visit, and you will be redirected there from the UMCmarket website.

• Some stores require an empty shopping cart at the beginning of your shopping session.

• Some stores will not allow frequent changes of quantities or allow items to remain in a cart all day.

 Amazon.com is different from the others in that they require you to "claim" your purchases about a day afterward. UMCmarket has clear instructions and not to worry, it's not difficult!

• Once your account is set up and you know the simple procedure, this is a VERY easy way to generate small donations for your church.
It all adds up!  Thank You!



 Shop at your favorite stores on-line or book travel on-line.

Every time you shop, the stores will donate a portion of your purchase back to our church!

To learn more and to sign up, go to www.umcmarket.org.

Get started with UMCmarket today! Training is available. Contact the church office.
    .............. and many more!